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Organic Mascara & Eyeliner – A Product Review

Organic Mascara & Organic Eye Liner

From Shear Miracles Organic Products

Two products that really work

Natural Product Review

Read this great product review

by Sharon of All Natural Beauty!

“I’m so happy to tell you about Shear Miracles’ Organic Eye Liner and Organic Mascara.

I love these 2 products from Shear Miracles and I know you’ll be quite happy with them too.”

To read the full review click here.


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Only Healthy Ingredients Here!

Did you try our beautifully-reformulated, loose powders yet!?   

Shear Miracles NEVER uses BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE in their Luxury Loose Powders! We only use beneficial ingredients to keep your skin looking radiant!

Here are some facts about this “non-benefical” ingredient according to Beautiful With Brains.

What it is
Bismuth Oxychloride is a white powder that seldom occurs in nature. Because it comes from the earth, it can contain traces of heavy metals in low concentrations and therefore aren’t a risk for human health. More often instead, it is manufactured by combining bismuth, a by-product of lead and copper metal refining, with chloride and water.

What it does
Bismuth Oxychloride has a white powder texture that adheres well to skin. This helps makeup stay on longer. It also gives skin a silky feel and either a white shimmer or pearlescent matte finish. The glow reflects light away from the skin, helping to hide wrinkles and fine lines.
It is also used as a coloring agent: it imparts a white color to cosmetics and personal care products.
In addition, it is an absorbent agent and a thickener.

Side effects
Bismuth Oxychloride often causes irritations, redness, itching, rashes and inflammation. In addition, it can worsen acne and rosacea. Because Bismuth Oxychloride has large molecules, it tends to slide off skin. For this reasons, companies recommend to keep buffing it on skin but this can worse the irritating and inflammation.
Bismuth Oxychloride is not allowed to be used in lip products.

Make the switch see the beautiful results! Your skin will love it!

Our wonderful, earth pure mineral powders will add a flawless finish to your face, giving it a soft, velvety appearance. Friends will say you have such radiant skin instead of asking what foundation powder are you wearing. Good for even the most sensitive skin, this NO NANO powder will provide a natural, translucent, airbrushed finish while extending your eye & lip colors.

Upholding to our high standards, we have carefully selected ingredients that are very beneficial to the skin.   Kaolin has excellent absorbent qualities and also is known to draw out impurities and toxins.   Arrowroot powder has been shown in studies to balance the skin protecting it from being either too dry or too oily. It is also an excellent moisturizer.   Magnesium promotes quick healing of skin tissue and is essential for cell metabolism. We have also added two forms of zinc, which provide important sun protection against harmful UV rays.   Zinc, acting as an antibacterial, works to keep your skin clear of blemishes.

This is why we are so excited to share these with you!


Introducing our NEW Luxury Cream Foundations!

What makes our Luxury Cream Foundations so


We are so excited to be able to offer our latest addition to our ever-growing, health-benefiting cosmetic line! One of Shear Miracles by Robyn ~ Organic Salon Products’ promises to you is to not only avoid those ingredients that may be harmful to your health and beauty, but to mindfully choose ingredients that are good for you! I personally believe this is why, when someone uses our products for the first time exclusively, they see tremendous results so quickly. See our customer testimony page here or our celebrity page here.

Our new Luxury Cream Foundations are formulated to be a rich and luminous cream, offering medium to build-able full coverage while hydrating the skin. Presented in a simple, yet elegant, clear compact, these creams are designed to be used alone or with our Luxury Loose Powders for a fuller coverage, matte look.

Upholding to our high standards, we have chosen specific ingredients to keep your skin looking its best! Loaded with meadowfoam seed oil, this non-greasy, moisturizing oil protects your skin from ultra-violet rays while reducing wrinkles and signs of aging, as you wear it the whole day long! Coconut oil fights free radicals, also protecting your skin from signs of aging, such as age spots. Strengthening the connective tissue, coconut oil can bring back your youthful appearance by keeping your skin firm, so your skin won’t sag or wrinkle. You will be amazed at the smoothness of your skin as this antioxidant rich oil aids in healing and repairing any damage that may have been caused by the sun or problems of the past. Say good-bye to blemishes and break-outs! These beautiful cream foundations contain castor seed oil carefully chosen for its germicidal, anti-bacterial, antifungal and disinfectant properties, while alleviating infection through its healing qualities as well as, anti-inflammatory jojoba oil which regulates your skin’s moisture – keeping your skin balanced so its never too oily or too dry. Jojoba oil also helps clear blemishes and is nourishing, revitalizing and moisturizing!

Sun protection against UV rays is important, too. Zinc oxide, being antibacterial, provides the sun protection you need while assisting in keeping your skin clear. Our non pore-clogging candelilla wax gives your skin a protective barrier from the environment.

Six different natural colors to choose your perfect shade from, the Luxury Cream Foundation can be applied with clean fingers directly to your face or with a make-up brush or sponge.

Tawny (Light Warm)
Cocoa Butter (Medium Warm)
Amber (Dark Warm)
Polished (Light Cool)
Nude (Medium Cool)
Fawn (Dark Cool)
These shades correspond with our Luxury Loose Powders and smaller samples are available so you can choose the perfect one for you.
Ingredients: Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Mica & Silica, Candelilla Wax, Iron Oxide, Tapioca Root Starch – May contain Ultramarine Blue

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Go Organic ~ You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Have you tried switching to more “natural” personal hygiene products, only to find that they don’t work nearly as well as their conventional counterparts? Maybe your natural shampoo doesn’t lather well, or perhaps your organic mousse doesn’t give your hair that extra volume you’re used to. Maybe you tried “organic” products and they have left your hair either feeling dry or not clean and greasy. Whatever the case may be, it may be time to reconsider the types of products you regularly use on your skin and hair. Read on!

What’s so bad about commercial shampoos and other products?

Most of the conventional shampoos on the market contain a variety of synthetic chemicals that coat your hair with protein or plastic polymers to give your hair a look that is healthy, silky and shiny. Unfortunately, these products are doing just the opposite! Your hair and scalp actually absorb these chemicals, leaving a chemical “gunk” glued to your hair. The way in which your hair feels when using these shampoos is not a mark of healthy hair…it’s a sign of hair that has been plasticized!

Most alarming is the fact that there are over 126 proven carcinogens found in beauty products that we use every day. Those are 126 cancer-causing reasons to stay far away from the beauty counter at the mall!

Ok…so what exactly does “organic” mean?

Current US national organic standards forbid the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics, artificial ingredients, genetic engineering, irradiation and sewage sludge. Exposure to these chemicals and pollutants can lead to increased risk of cancer, immune system suppression, nervous system disorders, expedited mental degeneration, and hormonal imbalances. Although the cost of organic products is typically more, the cost you are paying with your health when using conventional products is one-hundred times greater. The benefits of eating organic, using organic body care, and switching to organic cleaning products is not only wise, but is becoming a true necessity, for both your own health as well as for that of the planet.

I’m sold…but what do I do now? I don’t like the natural beauty products I’ve tried.

Well, my friend, there is finally a company on the market that is selling 100% natural and organic beauty products that are truly salon-quality:

Shear Miracles Organic Salon Products

Absolutely everything they make is:

  • Made from 100% organic & wild crafted ingredients!
  • Guaranteed GMO free.
  • Toxic Preservative free: NO parabens or ethanols.
  • Made in small batches, ensuring freshness and potency.
  • Free of Artificial colors (FD&C), synthetic chemicals, mineral oil, solvents, pesticide- or herbicide-grown ingredients
  • Alcohol Free
  • Created without the use of animal testing.

I have personally been using Shear Miracle by Robyn products exclusively for years, and I could not be more pleased. I have a full head of thick, curly hair (organically color-treated), and the Shear Miraclesby Robyn shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids always work wonders for me! I get daily compliments on the healthy glow that my skin and hair have, and I credit a lot of that to these amazing beauty products that truly DO work from the inside out!

Read your labels!

You cannot trust the packaging on beauty products labeled as “organic” or “natural”. If you simply turn the bottle over and begin to read the ingredient list, you will be appalled at the number of synthetic chemicals still present in these products (Visit which gives extensive details about what ingredients are in common products that are dangerous to your health). Shear Miracles by Robyn is so proud of their ingredient profiles that they put their ingredients right on the front of their bottles, so all the world can readily read and see the difference!

Start to make a difference in your health and well-being today! Give Shear Miracles by Robyn ~ Organic Salon Products a try and discover what thousands of satisfied customers and salon owners already know…salon quailty and natural purity are only a shampoo away!

Written by Lisa Testa – a long time Shear Miracles by Robyn ~ Organic Salon Products customer


The Importance of Organic Hair Care

There’s a quiet revolution taking place throughout the land. Consumers have unknowingly been using known carcinogens in their beauty care for decades. Salons and spas have had their role in selling and using these types of products, but not maliciously. Safe and natural alternatives simply didn’t exist. Sadly it’s the beauty professionals using these synthetic products that have been paying the price, with their own health. When you multiply the usage of these products by several clients per day, those in the beauty industry are literally being poisoned to death. Thankfully there are healthier beauty products becoming available. Once a salon owner realizes this, if they ignore this situation, are they  ignorant… or are they being negligent?  I’m happy to report that things are shifting as we begin to wake up from the white washing, and seek the truth.

To give you some history about how these products first came to be, it basically started in the early 20th century when convenience was the name of the game.  No longer were the days of pharmacists mixing up plants and botanicals from apothecary bottles. Beauty products were made in mass, filled with preservatives to be shipped far and wide. Manufacturers began experimenting with packaging in pretty bottles and jars, and the widespread marketing of ‘beauty potions’ emerged.

In the middle part of the century, large companies got involved, putting their scientists on overtime to come up with ways to create almost completely synthetic blends that would appeal to the senses of consumers, mainly women. These products looked better, smelled better, and lasted longer on the shelf. Women were lulled into a false sense of security by these ‘family-friendly’ businesses. While consumers were happy to have these beautifully packaged, new and improved products, the manufacturers were getting richer by using cheap synthetics instead of more expensive natural ingredients. This gave them even more capital to invest in clever marketing strategies. Their advertisements changed the consciousness of the consumer to believe that she could be younger and more beautiful if she used these products. This is a practice that has continued on until today.

Women have been beautifying themselves since ancient times.  Yet it’s only been in the last few decades that taking care of your hair has been so easy, and yet so dangerous. The health effects of these poisons can be both short and long term. Chemical sensitivities are on the rise, especially since the 70’s, when more and more products began to be made using artificial fragrance. ‘Fragrance’ is a term used in the industry to sum up the toxic soup of chemicals that scent most hair care products. The manufacturers of these products are allowed by law to shield the exact makeup of it under the protection of ‘proprietary formulations’.

In Dr. Samuel Epstein’s book, “Healthy Beauty’, he states, “More than half of all asthmatics have reported experiencing asthma attacks triggered by fragrances or odors, and numerous allergenic ingredients have been identified in perfumes. The U.S. has long been the world’s leading innovator in adding fragrances to products, especially cosmetics and personal-care products. Also, “The prevalence of asthma (in the U.S.) has been increasing since the early 1980’s for all age, sex, and racial groups,” reports the National Institutes of Health’s Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and that jump in the incidence of asthma coincides with the immense  surge of fragrances being added to consumer products in the 1970’s and ‘80’s.

When you’re speaking specifically of hair salons, you can add a whole list of other toxins besides just fragrance. Fragrance can just be a mask for other deadly poisons that lurk beneath it.  Dr Epstein tells us that, “Hair dyes, specifically black and dark brown permanent and semi-permanent dyes, contain many frank and hidden carcinogens. Frequent and prolonged use of these dyes has been linked to leukemia, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-Hodgkin‘s lymphoma, and bladder and breast cancers.” He also points out that many of the detergents found in shampoos and soaps have hormone disrupters. Likewise, solvents or plasticizers which are also hormone disrupters can commonly be found in products like hair gel, mousse, hair spray and shampoo.  You can also add hair straighteners and perms to the list of agitators.

You can see why so many women (and men) are resistant to going to hair salons to relax. I think we innately know that hair salons are a place that we must go, and then get out of as quickly as possible! Dr. Epstein believes that “The impact (that these chemicals have) on salon workers, who are exposed for long hours every day, is so severe that their job description should come with a warning label.” There’s a reason why the hair salon is routinely separated from the relaxing spa area. Who wants to go to a place for relaxation and good health only to be poisoned in the process?

How many beauty professionals have to get ill (or worse) before they are protected? It starts with awareness by both the workers and the salon and spa owners. How can a salon owner in good conscience subject their staff and their clients to these poisons, especially when safe products are available? Shear Miracles Organic

Every ingredient we use is natural & organic.

Products is a perfect example of a company that is leading the way towards healthy beauty care. They offer an entire line of effective hair and skin products, perfect for consumer and salon use. Their slogan is that their products “are so pure you can eat them.” They never use anything un-natural. Products are scented with all-natural essential oils, never ‘fragrances’. Best of all, they don’t add any fillers (a common practice in cheap synthetic products). Every ingredient is specifically used for an action in the formulation.

How can you be the catalyst for change in your own life? First and foremost, educate yourself. Once you do this you will be able to educate others on what to look for. In a nutshell, it’s all about ‘ingredients’. Don’t use any product that contains potentially harmful ingredients on you or your clients. If your salon owner doesn’t want to use natural products, educate her about the benefits of going natural. If she still doesn’t want to change, it may be time to move along to a healthier salon. Change doesn’t happen overnight. As more people understand why going natural with beauty care makes sense, the public will demand purer products from manufacturers and salons. Why not get ahead of the crowd and be the initiator instead of the follower? Be responsible, be smart… be a part of the revolution.

What do you think about this? Are you ready for a change? How often do you visit a salon?

Join the Organic Revolution by visiting Shear Miracles by Robyn

Contact: Robyn Atticks


Written by Sharon Houghton

Founder & Director of ‘The All Natural Beauty Website’

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Why Are Chemicals Such a Concern?

Leave-on products such as facial make-up & skin lotions are of great concern because of the long exposure time & opportunity for migration via the skin into the bloodstream. The recently discovered estrogenic effects of certain synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, & their subsequent effects on the endocrine system of humans & wildlife, is of growing concern- especially in relation to women’s risk of breast cancer.There are hazards associated with preservatives that consumers are rarely told about. Some of the most allergenic & irritating preservatives release small amount of formaldehyde, which is not only an irritant & skin sensitizer, but is cancer causing & damaging to the nervous system. The following ingredients contain formaldehyde, may release formaldehyde, or may break down into formaldehyde: 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol, diazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, quaternium 15 

Some ingredients to avoid: Phalates * Parabens * Triclosan * Mineral Oils * FD & C Colours * Diazolidinyl Urea * Propylene Glycol * Polyethylene Glycol * Diethanolamine * Borax * Lanolin * Triethanolamine * Tetrasodium EDTA * Polysorbate * Imidazolidinyl Urea * Dimethicone * Phenoxyethanol * Cetearyl Alcohol * Cetyl Alcohol * Cocamide DEA * Cocamidopropyl Betaine * Glyceryl Stearate * Emulsifying Wax * Capric/Caprylic Triglycerides * Olefin Sulfonate * Myristamine Oxide * Octyl Methoxycinnamate * Stearalkonium Chloride * Petrolatum * Monoethanolamine * Synthetic Fragrances * Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


Are you concerned about any of these chemicals?

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Read What Celebrities Have to Say

Read What Celebrities Have to Say

Sophie Azouaou

“A Miracle in a jar:

~Sophie Azouaou~
Media Personality & Founder of SophiSticate Interiors

Shear Miracles Organic Salon Products offers many amazing choices for total hair and body care.

The products are designed to clean, moisturize, mend weak hair, restore the moisture and vitality of your skin with specially-designed anti-aging formulas.

The unique part? ALL Shear Miracles products are organic and preservative- and GMO-free!

I am simply in love with the Bliss lavender shampoo and conditioner.

One of my many favorites is the rose/ chamomile body butter: it is a real miracle in a jar. It is emollient, yet not greasy and smells deliciously sexy. The face and body mists moisturize, refresh and you can use them after your shower as a body splash!

Shear Miracles offers the ONLY chemical-free hair spray on the market that really works. I am a public figure and have my hair styled ALL the time and use it daily!

My skin feels soft, my hair is shiny, and I can just feel myself radiating good health.

Robyn, thank you for being a pioneer in the organic and eco-friendly beauty industry. You have changed the lives of so many, and I fell under Shear Miracles’ spell!”

Joel Goodrich

“Shear Miracles by Robyn products not only make you look good, they are good for you! “
Joel Goodrich
Founder of Fashionista FaceOff

Karen Tamblyn

“Shear Miracles by Robyn is purity at its best! 

Karen Tamblyn
Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Fashionista Face Off Judge


Their skin care and body care are organic, gentle (my skin is very sensitive) and they work. My skin is finally radiant again!!

As a Fashion stylist and public figure the way I look is very important. I am in love with the skin care and I must say I have finally found a beauty line that provides me with the ultimate result: The GLOW!!